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When it comes to having a stunning yet safe surface at the same time, most people choose bonded rubber mulch for their spaces. The reason lies in how well it imitates traditional wood mulch but does not give you the same problem of a loose look that ends up turning into a nuisance due to the pieces of the wood that get into people’s eyes. Instead, the rubber will stick together as long as the surface is in place and provide better support and shock absorption. Now, is this enough reason to choose it over other safe surfaces in the market? After all, you are trying to have a surface that offers safety and when it meets this, you move on with the aesthetics.

Ocala Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber Mulch

Well, it is hard to determine the best surface for your space since you have to think about a few questions and answer them:

  • Is it the place where it will be installed indoors or outdoors?
  • What level of shock absorption do you need?
  • Is appearance more important than shock absorption properties for you?
  • Does the surface provide enough support for space where it will be used?
  • What is the usual climate or weather in the city?
  • Do you have preferences for other surfaces? Compare them.

Going over all of them can be more difficult than it seems since it requires a bit of knowledge about safety surfacing overall and the specific surface as well. In our company, Ocala Safety Surfacing, we can help you by providing all the information and answering every question mentioned above. We want to make sure that you are making a well-informed decision you will not regret later on when the surface has already been installed or you made the investment.

It is not that simple and taking your time is the first recommendation we will give you when starting this journey. Next, start reading the information we provide you below.

How is bonded rubber mulch made?

It is quite simple to understand this since the main material used—as you must know—is rubber and it is easy to work with it when it comes to using it for surfacing. But besides rubber, complements are needed to obtain the specific structure of the surface and the properties it offers. Also, in order to hold the entire surface or layer, it is important to use the right binder to prevent displacing and end up with the same wood mulch.

Essentially, there is nothing difficult about the surface, and since you are not directly involved with its manufacturing or making, it is more important to know what it offers you due to its structure and composition. First, rubber is a recycled material that already gives you the benefit of having an eco-friendly surface. Second, you have the earthy and natural colors that wood mulch or other similar surfaces offer you, all that is left to have them is to pick your favorite ones and create a pattern or choose a single color. Third, you will not have to deal with continuous maintenance of the surface which is what usually makes other options in the market quite expensive.

In our opinion, you should aim for a surface that returns your money in the long run, not one that makes you spend more after the installation. Finally, anyone can be in your space thanks to the result you get: a solid yet soft and safe surface. In terms of accessibility and use, bonded rubber mulch meets all the requirements and regulations that make it suitable for moving around and placing playground equipment or a similar one. However, keep in mind that all this depends on the quality of the rubber used for the surface and how the installation takes place in your space.

At Ocala Safety Surfacing, we promise high-quality rubber and the best installation along with the pieces you obtain. The cost already includes both elements and you do not have to worry about where our team of experts can perform this service since any area in Ocala, Florida, and even throughout the country is within our range.

Benefits of using bonded rubber mulch

If there is one thing we have to mention before anything else, it is the fact of not having to provide frequent maintenance. It is a very low maintenance surface and we know it does not look like it in the beginning. Instead, you get this feeling that it will make you spend a lot, but it is not true. Now, there are many benefits to point out about this surface and this is why we love it: because it is not a matter of two or three benefits but rather several ones.

Therefore, look forward to all this:

  • Slip resistance.
  • It drains quickly.
  • Very simple and easy to maintain.
  • Quite durable.
  • Long-lasting: up to 2+ decades.
  • The material does not displace during use or play.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • You get the same look as wood mulch but without its disadvantages.
  • Meets all standards, regulations, and laws about safety and accessibility.
  • You get a natural and earthy look for your space.
  • It can be used in most outdoor spaces.

The color options you have can vary depending on the company that offers the surface, so you might want to look out for this when choosing it and if the appearance is the main reason for you to go for it instead of another surface. That being said, bonded rubber mulch is truly outstanding and stunning. We are quite confident you will love it the more you get to know about it and see the results you can get after the installation. Our professionals will be available for you if you make the decision of using it for your park, patio, yard, playground, kindergarten, or any other place where you consider it will look amazing and is also necessary for its shock absorption and support properties. Leave everything to us at Ocala Safety Surfacing and start enjoying your surface.