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It is at the playgrounds where children create friendships and bonds that will certainly be memorable. They are the thrilling spaces for children and it helps in the social, physical, emotional and cognitive development of children.  Play is important in a child’s growth therefore, the playgrounds ought to be a safe haven for them.

Scratches and nicks are inevitable while playing. But no matter how absorbed they will be in the play; Playground Safety Surfacing is vital. There is a wide range of safety surfaces to choose from. Your budget and space are what will determine what you will go for.

Ocala Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

This safety playground surface is made from natural and recycled rubber tires. Its initial installation cost is higher than most rubber surfaces but it is durable and economical. Ocala Safety Surfacing, rubber mulch comes in a number of colors that you can pick from and can be mixed too. With its flexibility, the rubber mulch can be designed in several ways and patterns for a beautiful playground surface.

This playground surface is considered to be loose fill because it is made of wood chips that are usually knit together. This provides a literally natural and consistent look on your playground. This Playground Safety Surfacing is considered to be a great option especially to those with tight budgets. They are a superb loose surface for your playground.

This is the toughest and most durable safety surfacing solution available. Poured-in-place rubber provides a highly convenient playground surface for all children; with and without disabilities. Its wide range of flexible designs and colors add value to the playground and the entire recreational space. The good thing about this surfacing is that it is customized on site to meet your play equipment’s unique fall height requirements.

Ocala Safety Surfacing creates a natural grass appearance with minimal maintenance compared to natural grass. Depending on the grass you choose for your turf, it can serve you for a decade and more. Synthetic turf is not only pleasing to the eyes due to its uniform color and volume. It also offers great shock absorption characteristics.

These mostly come in two types; the interlocking and standard ones. They have great drainage ability. They are made from rubber material and come in square shapes. This will however not limit you from getting a desired shape since it can be cut to attain them. Rubber tiles are durable and maintaining them is not expensive. Durability depends on the type of tile and environment in which the tile has been installed. Since it is made from rubber, recycled rubber tiles are good in shock absorption and drain water well.

This is another loose fill safety surface. Bonded rubber is the same as poured-in-place rubber but it has larger particles. While installing this playground safety surface, minimal labor is needed as it does not require a lot of work. With a low budget, bonded rubber is an option for your playground surface.

Playground safety surfacing is essential for every playground that experiences high traffic and has a hard ground. It’s because the hard ground is capable of inflicting more damage as it absorbs less fall impact. But with safety surfacing material in place, you can reduce the degree of this damage. Safety surfacing materials are soft and known for high shock absorption. So, when kids fall over the ground, the soft surface absorbs the impact, reducing the degree of damage caused. It’s the reason playground safety surfacing is becoming increasingly popular from the past decade.

However, to ensure the best possible protection, you need an experienced surfacing contractor like us. We’re Ocala Safety Surfacing – a full-service safety surfacing company. Our company can help you install safety surfacing materials on your playground in a professional manner. Not only will it offer decent protection to the kids playing on the ground but looks attractive too. So, connect with us now and book the services.

The right material for playground surfacing

When it comes to choosing the right safety surfacing material for playground safety, you should consider the below pointers: 

  • Critical fall height
  • Age of kids playing on the playground
  • Aesthetics
  • Budget
  • Ease of maintenance  

Based on the above pointers, here are some materials recommended by experts:

Ocala Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber Mulch
Ocala Safety Surfacing-rubber tile

Why choose Ocala Safety Surfacing

Our company has a reliable team of safety surfacing experts who have handled numerous surfacing projects successfully. It means we have the experience to ensure a perfect installation. Our services are priced affordably and are available across a wide region within the country.  

The materials we provide for playground protective surfacing are environment-friendly and durable. Also, there’s a warranty to protect you against any manufacturing defects or malfunctions. And even if you don’t know which material would be fine, we have experts for that as well. They’ll help you choose the right materials as per the requirements.

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