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Not all the surfacing options available in the market will provide the same safety you are trying to find for your space. If you are trying to get a surface that offers extra absorption for impacts and all types of accidents, then you should consider Poured-In-Place rubber over other alternatives. To understand why you should know the structure and system of the surface and compare it to other options you might consider.

In this case of Poured-In-Place rubber, it is a two layers surface. What does this mean? That instead of applying one layer of the material and pieces of materials—probably granules—, you will have to install 2. However, the two layers are not the same and this is why the surface can offer you extra absorption when it comes to falls and other accidents.


The first layer is a base one and is the part of the surface that provides the support and shock absorption that makes it safe in the first place. It consists of placing the layer and making it from 5 to 10 inches thick. Most surfaces made of rubber or other materials are usually 5 to 7 inches thick only. The fact that you can make this base layer thick and adjust it according to your needs is what allows people to obtain specific shock absorption properties for their spaces. Now, keep in mind that the material of the rubber used will be crucial to provide actual support and impact absorption.

The second layer is known as the wear layer and provides protection to the previous one. Basically, you can consider it a cover for the base layer and the one that will provide the final design and look for your surface. The beauty about this system is that you do not have the main layer independent after the installation and although this means you might need to provide a bit more maintenance, it is worth it when you truly need the properties it offers you. That being said, how can you install this surface in your space? Do you need to buy all the materials on your own and handle the installation alone? Or, is it a better idea to take your time in finding reliable professionals?

The last idea is the best option you can take since the final result will depend a lot on the materials used but also, on how the installation is performed. Poor installations can often result in a waste of time, material, and effort, which is why finding experienced professionals is the move.

At Ocala Safety Surfacing, we are able to provide you with all the assistance required to install or work with this rubber surfacing option. Also, keep in mind that the installation of a surface is not something that usually comes as an individual service. It is not impossible but the materials used for the surface itself usually include the installation in their cost. Therefore, when contacting us, you can choose to get the materials and entire surface along with the installation. We highly recommend going for the entire service but you are not limited to contact us if you prefer a different option and approach.

Benefits of using Poured-In-Place rubber

When it comes to shock absorption and support, you know you will have a more than decent surface for this after knowing its structure and composition. However, what about the other factors that influence in making the decision of using it? For example, its longevity, durability, performance over the years, and more.

Well, this surface will surprise you in many ways because it can last for over a decade without too much maintenance. We mentioned that it may need more attention than usual, but this does not mean you have to invest a lot of time and resources in it. Instead, you only need to invest a few more hours every 3 or 4 months to guarantee it continues performing properly based on the damage it receives during the use of your space.

But overall, you can clean it easily and the rest of the attention you need to provide will be minimal. All this and you still will have a long-lasting surface. The other benefit is that you can make it more durable based on the wear layer. The protection it offers to specific temperature conditions or changes will depend on the characteristics and elements you add to it. In other words, it is possible to customize certain features of this layer alone. As for how well it performs, it will depend on factors like the climate, temperatures, traffic, activities performed, and the entire use is given to it.

But a well-installed and high-quality surface made with good materials should perform well during all the years it can last and problems should not be often either. Summarizing this, you can expect these benefits from the surface:

  • 15+ years of use.
  • Great performance over time.
  • Customization in both looks and durability.
  • Adjust the base layer according to the shock absorption level needed.
  • Very low maintenance is required.

How to have our team working on your Poured-In-Place rubber surface

It only takes a call, email, or filling our contact form. It is not hard to reach out to us in order to have all your needs covered with this surface. After all, we are a company that has put a lot of effort into improving its services, expanding its location, and making it simple for everyone to contact us. We do not make it difficult. If you need us, the simple approach will work all the time.

Also, keep in mind that we work in more cities than just Ocala sand instead, you can find us all over Florida and every state in the United States. At Ocala Safety Surfacing, we are eager to start helping you with this Poured-In-Place rubber surface but if you need more than just installation, maybe repairs, or other services, you can count on us as well and also request other services when needed.